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The following is the current weekly schedule. This schedule is subject to change and will be frequently updated throughout the semester. The latest deadlines may also be found on Canvas.

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Week 07
Tuesday 10/02 Lecture
Dates & Deadlines
Thursday 10/04 Lecture
Week 07 Labs
  • No Labs in Week 07

Week 09
Tuesday 10/16 Lecture
  • Fall Break (No Class)
Dates & Deadlines
Week 09 Labs
  • No Labs in Week 09

Week 14
Thursday 11/22 Lecture
  • Thanksgiving Break (No Class)
Week 14 Labs
  • No Labs in Week 14

Week 15
Tuesday 11/27 Lecture
Dates & Deadlines
Thursday 11/29 Lecture
  • Exam 2 Retake
Week 15 Labs
  • No Labs in Week 15

Instead of a final exam, final code reviews will be conducted during finals week. Please contact the instructor before making any travel plans during finals week!