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Welcome to the course website for both sections of CS 212 Software Development for Fall 2018! You can find the Syllabus and Weekly Schedule (including links to the lecture materials, quizzes, homework, and projects) on this site. Visit Canvas for grades and assignment submission. Visit Piazza for announcements and questions. Visit the combined Google Calendar for the latest office hour and lab schedule.

Upcoming Schedule

Week 14
Thursday 11/22 Lecture
  • Thanksgiving Break (No Class)
Week 14 Labs
  • No Labs in Week 14
Week 15
Tuesday 11/27 Lecture
  • Exam 2
Dates & Deadlines
Thursday 11/29 Lecture
  • Exam 2 Retake
Week 15 Labs
  • No Labs in Week 15

See the Weekly Schedule for the full schedule.

At a Glance Schedule

Below you can see the regular weekly schedule. Note this may change due to holidays, additions, or cancellations. Always double-check the Google Calendar for the latest details.

Tue 10:30–11:35a CS 212-01 Lab 1
Wed 10:30–11:35a CS 212-01 Lab 2
Thu 10:30–11:35a CS 212-02 Lab 1
Fri 10:30–11:35a CS 212-02 Lab 2
Tue 11:40–12:40p TA Hours (Simon)
Thu 11:40–12:40p TA Hours (Simon)
Mon 1:00–3:00p TA Hours (Pedram) 411
Tue 12:45–2:30p  CS 212-01 Lecture
Wed 1:00–2:00p TA Hours (Olivia)
Thu 12:45–2:30p  CS 212-01 Lecture
Fri 1:00–2:00p TA Hours (Olivia)
Wed 2:45–4:15p Office Hours 412B
Thu 2:45–4:15p Office Hours 412B
Tue 4:35–6:20p  CS 212-02 Lecture
Thu 4:35–6:20p  CS 212-02 Lecture

The code review schedule has been removed from this view for simplicity. See the Project Guides for details on how to see the code review schedule and sign up for an appointment.